Our Story

In the beginning

The Scarf Company is no newcomer – established over 40 years ago in the fashion capital of Australia, the Melbourne-based business initially designed and imported fashion scarves.

Finding inspiration in travelling the globe and exploring exotic places, our pieces speak to the modern woman through timeless design and individuality.

“Our extensive research and passion inspires new designs and sets new trend directions for each collection,” says Karen, lead creative at TSC.



Look how far we’ve come

We have since grown and evolved with the fashion industry, responding as the Australian market demands, while keeping with our original brand values of authenticity, quality and uniqueness.
Expanding in recent years into different collections, TSC creates a wide range of products these days, including the new and young brand Di Lusso Living launched in 2015, offering beautiful collection of newborn and nursery accessories, as well as a recently launched range of leather accessories.

“Our products represent the modern woman who wants to chase her dreams and conquer the world.”

We are now proudly stocked in more than 200 stores all over Australia and New Zealand!

Keeping our values strong

Ethical sourcing and manufacturing have always been a strong point of TSC’s values, as we understand the modern consumer is savvier than ever and are placing more and more importance on ethically sourced, environmentally-friendly products over hip-pocket costs.

Sahil states, “We believe, even though we’re running a small business, we do have an important role in maintaining ethical socioeconomic environments. We only work with small, family-operated suppliers and visit them often. By working closely together with them, we share a strong bond and they understand how significant ethical working and sourcing is for us.”

Meet Karen

As one half of the creative power behind The Scarf Company, Karen says “I am a passionate traveller. We draw our inspirations from the culture, heritage, food and nature of different countries. Travelling twice a year overseas provides me with an opportunity to experience first-hand the latest fashion and lifestyle trends.”

Her favourite memory of travel is “flying to Rome for my daughter’s wedding. A 4-day trip and then back home just in time to cook Christmas dinner for all the family.”

When she is not working tirelessly behind the scenes, she likes to get back to the important things in life. “We usually go to church on Sunday morning, followed by a family lunch at my Italian husband’s mothers where we eat way too much Pasta!

I like to pop into the nursery on my way home and buy more plants for my garden.”

Meet Sahil

Joining The Scarf Company team as a creative in 2015, Sahil finds inspiration in travel as well as “our beautiful home country, Australia, with its gorgeous landscapes, beaches and relaxed lifestyle, and from people around us.”

His most memorable trip yet was a trip to Bali, “to celebrate our daughter’s 1st Birthday.  It was such a great and relaxing holiday. Amazing to watch my little one enjoy her time in the pool.”

In his downtime, Sahil says “On weekends, I love spending time with my 1-year-old daughter, who is growing up much too quickly. We love taking her to the park as she loves being outdoors.

In my free time, I love to play badminton and watch web series on Netflix. Suits, Designated Survivors are few of my favourites.”