Stylish Autumn/Winter Scarves Online

Our collection of unique scarves has been carefully curated to showcase a variety of textile techniques including weaving, printing and embellishment. Our scarves are designed in-house and colours uplifted to fit the market trends. Your outfit is not complete without a "The Scarf Company" scarf.
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Jemima Geo Scarf
Bessie Cashmere Scarf
Cecilia Print Scarf
Avery Cashmere Scarf
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Belinda Wool Scarf
Sandra Wool Scarf
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E-Gift Card
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Paloma Leopard Scarf
Sukie Print Scarf
Rose Print Scarf
Maggie Wool Scarf
Lola Animal Scarf
Jesse Check Scarf
Gerry Stripe Scarf
Flick Boiled Wool Scarf
Delilah Wool Scarf
Danielle Knit Scarf
Cherie Terrazzo Scarf
Camille Wool Scarf
Bella Print Scarf
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Alex Chunky Scarf
Olivia Print Scarf
Jenny Print Scarf
Chloe Print Scarf
Connie Spot Scarf
Life in Venice Scarf
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Check Wool Scarf
Hallstat Austria
Sydney Skyline
Prague Luxe Scarf
Zaylee Print Scarf
Trinity Mono Scarf
Maren Spots Scarf
Keegan Check Scarf
Layla Cashmere Scarf
Ina Cashmere Scarf
Farah Wool Scarf
Brea Wool Scarf
Zara Print Scarf
Plain Merino Wool Scarf
Lagos Print Scarf
Bailey Check Scarf