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Royale Mile, Edinburgh Luxe Scarf
Cable Beach, Broome Luxe Scarf
Budapest, Hungary Luxe Scarf
Joy in Japan Luxe Scarf
Lila Cashmere Wool Scarf
Abigail Cashmere Wool Scarf
Camille Cashmere Wool Scarf
Fiona Cashmere Wool Scarf
Jennifer Cashmere Wool Scarf
Kendra Cashmere Wool Scarf
Casablanca, Morocco Luxe Scarf
Brighton Beach, Melbourne Scarf
Red Phone Booth, London Scarf
Dazzling Dubrovnik Luxe Scarf
Amazing Amsterdam Luxe Scarf
Nautical Nice Luxe Scarf
Charming Oslo Luxe Scarf
Christmas in Paris Scarf
London Luxe Scarf
Bondi Luxe Scarf
Street in Apulia Scarf
Street in Apulia Scarf
$94.95 $129.95
Costa Brava, Spain Scarf
Matera, Italy Scarf
E-Gift Card
E-Gift Card
From $50.00
Rooftops in Turkey
Rooftops in Turkey
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Sydney Skyline

Create a Style Statement with Classic Cashmere Scarves

Scarves are a significant style statement in today's fashion world, adding elegance and influence to one's personal style. However, mainly in the winter season, when the cold weather demands comfort and warmth, cashmere scarves are in high demand.

With various colours, patterns, and styles for every taste and preference, our classic cashmere scarves are a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to look chic and elegant.

Made from the wool of Cashmere goats, these scarves are incredibly soft to the touch and provide excellent insulation against cold weather.

Browse Our Collection of Premium Quality Cashmere Scarves 

We believe there is always an occasion to add a pop of colour to your day. Explore our exquisite collection of cashmere scarves that includes:

  • Corinne Cashmere Wool Scarf: Crafted from the finest cashmere wool, our corine scarf is ethically sourced and selected for its unparalleled softness, cosiness, and durability. With its intricate designs and classic allure, our corine scarf offers free shipping across Australia and beautiful gift-wrapping options.

  • Fiona Cashmere Wool Scarf: Crafted as a symbol of elegance and wearable art, our Cashmere Wool Scarf with Dahlia print embodies the spirit of the modern woman- bold, dream-chasing, and world-conquering. 

  • Jennifer Cashmere Wool Scarf:Discover the epitome of elegance and sustainability with our Jennifer Cashmere Wool Scarf. Crafted with Australian merino wool and adorned with delicate eyelash fringes, this scarf is a testament to ethical luxury. 

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Australian Designed: For over 40 years, we have been recognised as the fashion capital across Australia for designing and importing luxury scarves that set a new trend with each masterpiece. 

  • An Array of Collections: We expanded our business by offering various categories, including silk scarves, beanies, wraps & ponchos and many more.

  • Environmentally Products: We often visit our family-operated suppliers in Australia to ensure they meet the highest sustainability and ethical practices standards. Our suppliers share our passion for promoting sustainable fashion.

  • Touch of Quality: With zero skimping on quality, each product of our collection offers a classic simplicity that passes down to the next generation. 

  • Competitive Pricing: We understand the value of money. Therefore, our competitive pricing strategy allows you to own a desirable luxury cashmere scarf without breaking the bank.

  • Easy Shipping: With us, customers in Australia can enjoy FREE standard shipping on all orders, reflecting our commitment to timeliness and convenience. 

So, why wait? Explore our exclusive collection of scarves at The Scarf Company to style up your wardrobe.