The passion for travel continues to drive this home-grown label

Established in the 1970s, The Scarf Company is a Melbourne-based label that travels the world to bring only the finest quality fashion, accessories and homewares back home for its dedicated customers. We speak to Karen Kent and Sahil Nayyar about their eCommerce journey and how they keep their business growing decade after decade.

30 years in the making

For over 30 years The Scarf Company has designed and imported fashion scarves and textiles for the Australian market. Inspired by seasonal colours and international trends, Karen and Sahil design original products and contemporary patterns here in Melbourne, before having them manufactured overseas.

“My love for travel and exploring exotic places all around the world was channelled into searching for beautiful products for the modern woman. Our extensive research and passion inspires new designs and sets new trend directions for each collection,” says Karen.

In recent years, their eCommerce business has expanded into a broader range of products including more fashion, accessories and homewares. The brand has launched a line of leather goods and a new label, Di Lusso Living, which includes a catalogue of throw-rugs, cushions, blankets and more.

“The new label aims to introduce a touch of luxury into everyday living, which has been very exciting and we are looking forward to growing this range within our customer base,” says Sahil.

The Scarf Company is founded on providing creative, innovative and authentic product ranges for fashion-forward women. The team reflects these values in the work they do to deliver their designs and bi-annual seasonal ranges. In 2015, Sahil joined the small team as co-director. The business started small with a simple focus on selling scarves – but with the growth of the company and the expansion into different kinds of products, Sahil and Karen have worked hard to keep their business relevant in the modern retail landscape.

“Adapting our business to the changing needs of the industry has proven to be challenging at times. With growing competition from other brands, we felt a need to introduce new products that complement our brand and range, as well as maintain our exclusivity. With the introduction of new products, we have been able to acquire a number of new stockists who now hold our entire range,” explains Sahil.

Between travelling internationally, working remotely and the increase in demand for their products, Karen and Sahil now employ casual staff to “help out with day-to-day operations in the office”, and also offer internship opportunities for people with an interest in eCommerce and fashion. The support provided by these staff members has allowed Karen and Sahil to focus on the more strategic elements of planning their business’ growth. Australia Post was also able to support Karen and Sahil through their expansion with the launch of a bigger range of products and a constantly growing customer base.

“Using Australia Post has greatly helped us grow our online business. We use the Send and Save service to send parcels to our online shop customers. Customers receive their orders in a timely manner and are able to track their order, creating a pleasant customer experience overall,” says Sahil.

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Article by Lauren Adams (Contibuter ) at Australia Post

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