Santorini, Italy, Manhattan…These are places that evoke wonder and intrigue; places that we dream of, lustily remember, or look forward to venturing anew.

With an urge to create pieces that depict worldly delights, every year The Scarf Company releases a limited-edition range that focuses on iconic destinations around the globe. We spend months researching some of the most celebrated, beautiful cities our world has on offer. Unfortunately, in our line of work, time is of the essence and instead of physically visiting these wondrous shores we must instead look longingly through our computer screens. We live vicariously through the scarves we create, showcasing beautiful destinations on beautiful materials.

Our most recent collection focuses on different destinations: Yosemite, Salzburg, Santorini, Manhattan, Italy, Aix En Provence, Havana just to name a few.

With crease-free materials that make for easy-packing; and a cashmere blend that feels light and soft against your skin, each piece can easily take you from day to night.

These are not just scarves, they are sacred places printed onto the highest quality fabrics which have been turned into wearable art. We hope you wear yours with the same pleasure that these cities evoke, and with the same passion that went into creating them.




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